Easter and Beyond!


Hi all!  Well Easter has been and gone for another year!  I had a quiet Easter at home alone but then the kids and I headed West to visit my Dad.  It is very green out there, so great to see.  An added bonus out there was the number of butterflies in the garden, just amazing!  A couple of photos of our week out there…

First week back at school and my big boy ends up like this 😦  He was being a typical boy and climbing on adult soccer goals….slipped and broke both his wrist and elbow!  20 hours later we arrive home after overnight in hospital.  He is on the road to recovery now (the pain in the first few days was a nightmare) but still feeling very angry with himself!

Yesterday saw my youngest Sam have his first game of soccer!  They all were so cute running around chasing the ball….they didn’t have a clue what they were doing, running, falling over, kicking goals for the other team but all very cute and fun!

And to finish off today, yesterday would have been my Mum’s birthday….as I don’t live near the town where she is buried, I visit our local State Rose Garden….mum loved roses.  Just a lovely place for me to visit to remember my mum.  A couple of photos I took while there yesterday…

Until next time…..Happy Days



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  1. Tanya, a beautiful mix of happy and sad events in your life. My thoughts are with you. I am sure your mother would have loved the rose photos here. Good luck to Sam in his new game. Get well quickly Jack.

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