Floods back home!

Hi All

I currently live in Toowoomba but I grew up 5 hours away on a property near St George.  My Dad still lives there and my brother has moved to Dad’s other property which has been in our family since 1870, and it is situated on the Mitchell/St George Road about 1/2 hour from Dad.  With all this rain it has brought record floods out there.  The property where my brother lives in on the Maranoa River which runs into the Balonne River at St George.  The river water got up to the corner post of my brothers house, it was a very frightening two days leading up until the water arrived there.  It was recording records up the river and he didn’t know exactly how high it was going to go.  The water got up to the top railing of the cattle yards and went through one shed and partly another.  Before the water came down they did manage to get two cars out near their mailbox so if they wanted to go anywhere they could….so he is now currently at the Gold Coast having a holiday.  He did send me a text after they had booked into their room saying “We had better water views at home”!!!!  Unfortunately the photos they sent to me are saved into a word document and I can’t seem to get them to save so I can put them up here.  Instead I will upload an aerial photo of the flood waters in St George….the amount of water is just amazing….hard to believe when just 3 months ago they were in one of the worst droughts ever.


  You can see the bridge across the water, this is what we cross to go to my Dad’s place.  So much water….just amazing.

Until next time…..Happy Days



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  1. Im sorry for your current water problems. St. George Utah had the same issues in 2004 / 2005

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