Carnival of Flowers

I know I have been real slack with updating this blog but anyway here we go.  As I have mentioned before, I was the co-ordinator for the kids school’s entry into the Carnival of Flowers Parade.  It was lots of work but I was so excited on the day, to tell you the truth I was on a high!!!!  The end product was very much a combined effort and I thank everyone who contributed in some way.  We ended up getting a second for the float in the Catagory of Community Float….very exciting.  On the back of the truck I had an old classroom setup at the front, new classroom at the back and in the middle was the Rangeville SS Mini Stage Band who played music on route.  Hannah was dressed as an olden day student and she sat at the old school desk.  Walking behind were students dressed in old school uniforms and current uniforms…..Jack was dressed in the current Sports Uniform and had to walk the whole parade which he wasn’t very happy about!



Will be back tomorrow with another update about our exciting week-end just gone.  Thanks for popping in, Tanya