I’m back!!

Well I must say I am feeling so much better…..not fun being sick!!  Today I want to share with you three cards I made for a Bleaching Workshop I did for a great group of mums who I have nicknamed “The Army Mums” (can you guess that there husbands are in the Army!!)  Hi ladies….thanks for a great night when I finally got there????(my baby sitter forgot!)  The first two cards are made using the bleach in the Aqua Pen…..black emboss the card stock then colour in with bleach.  The last card is made by stamping the stamp onto paper towel that is soaked in bleach.  Lots of fun but just be careful where you wipe your fingers!!!! (I now have lots of white dots on a hot pink handtowel!!)


I look forward to our next workshop next month.



Just checking in!!

I haven’t forgotten you all……just wanted to drop in to say Hi and to tell you I’ll be back soon hopefully (if I can get better soon)  This week here in Toowoomba has been freezing and to go with it I am still unwell so not much excitment happening here sorry!  I did try and do some scrapbooking on Friday but it just wouldn’t click!!  I will leave you with a photo of my car on Thursday……the kids thought it was great!  I do not understand how people can live in towns where it snows…..far too cold for me…..I say bring on Spring anyday!!


The morning sun starting to melt the ice!

The morning sun starting to melt the ice!

Until next time….Happy Days


I’m still here…..just!!!

Well here I am sitting writing this at 3.24pm and I’m still in my pj’s!!!  Can’t believe I have spent all today lying on the couch….what a way to end such a good week-end.  It is always nice to lounge around all day when you are well but I think I have the darn flu……and no I’m hoping it isn’t the piggy flu. 

I wanted to tell you about my week-end…..Saturday I spent down in Brisbane at the the Scrapbooking Expo.  I had the best day…..didn’t have much time to look at all the stalls as I was busy doing 3 classes!!!!!  My first two classes were with these lovely ladies….doing photography and photoshop classes (This photo is from their website as I can’t believe I didn’t take a photo of them!!!!)


Then my last class was with the lovely Rachel Richter (her blog is at http://rachelrichter.com.au/blog/)  Don’t have a photo of her either.  I had a great day learning lots of new stuff and now I can’t wait to have  a play with my photos.  It is really amazing what can be done with Photoshop.  In the short time I did have to look at all the stalls I did buy some goodies…can’t wait to use them.  It was very busy which made looking at things very hard.  I then spent the night with my good friend Natalie & her boyfriend Mick.  Natalie and I went out for dinner at a lovely restaurant in Wilston.  It was yummy.

Sunday I met up with my Aunt as we were going to spend some time together but to cut a long story short we didn’t get to do that as we discovered my other Aunt & Uncle (who are overseas at the moment) townhouse had been broken into.  But I did spend some time with one of my cousins and his wife…..we went to the Paddington Antique Centre, had lunch at the Mary Ryan Book Shop (another yummy meal) and then went back to the Antique Centre!!!!  I did buy some nice old china to add to my collection!!!!   I then drove home after which I found myself to go down hill very quickly……and so today was spent lying on the couch!


Will be back soon to share some stamping


June/July Special for Stampin’Up!

Well here we are into June now…….where are the months going?????  Just wanted to let you all know about the Stampin’Up! June/July Promotion.  I would insert the flyer here for you to read if this darn program would let me??????   So now you’ll just have to put up with my wording!!!!

During the months of June and July, if you host a workshop with sales reaching $600, Stampin’Up! will give you an additional $40 to spend on products.  Pretty good deal……so if you are interested in holding your own workshop to try and get the bonus dollars, please call / email me to arrange a workshop date.

If I can get my act together and get creating I might have a few cards up for you to view in the next few days.  Until then….this photo is of a rose in my garden…..my cousin gave it to me in memory of my dear Mum.  Isn’t it beautiful….it just amazes me how the two colours mix together to form the beautiful flower???




Until then…..Happy Stamping