Happy Birthday Madonna

Today I am wishing Madonna, my dear friend and upline, a very very Happy Birthday.  It was lovely to see her and beautiful baby Lara quickly today so I could give her her card.  Here is the card I made for Madonna.   Happy Birthday………


Until next time, Happy Stamping



A Rose is a Rose……

Anyone who knows me will know that I just love this Stamp Set!!!!  I got to have a play today…..while the children were at school/kindy.  I should have really been doing some housework but as they say….it’ll be there tomorrow for me!!  Just love how this card turn out, if I don’t say so myself!!  I have yet again used my favourite colours…..Rose Red, Pretty in Pink and Old Olive.  I am getting better with my masking, just need a little more practice.

m_card 038

Also have attached a photo of a gift bag I decorated plus a little gift tag to match which I made using a Love Note.  I made these for my stall a few week-ends ago. 

m_card 034

Thanks for dropping by, please leave a comment if you would like to and until next time, Happy Stamping


Another week and week-end gone…..where are they going!!!!!!

I just cannot believe another week and week-end is over and we are coming up to the end of May.  I have a couple of things to share with you tonight.  Saturday saw some of my stamping team getting together for an afternoon of fun.  Thanks girls (Melissa, Shaaron, Karin, Lisa, Renae and Sharon) for attending and we missed you…Jan, Linda & my new recruit Annette.  Here are the girls hard at work!!


One of the projects were these cute little purses….


We also had a play with acetate (thanks Melissa) and we made this cute little box….


Thanks ladies for a lovely afternoon……look forward to our next get together.

Then……Saturday night we went to the kids school Bush Dance…..what a great night it was.  Lots of fun dancing…..well attempting to for me!!

Jack in between his friends Corey & Flynn....doing the chicken dance!

Jack in between his friends Corey & Flynn....doing the chicken dance!

Hannah (pigtails) doing the Hokey Pokey!

Hannah (pigtails) doing the Hokey Pokey!

Not sure what Sam is dancing to here but he had lots of fun!

Not sure what Sam is dancing to here but he had lots of fun!


Sunday brought a new day and a special day for a friend and her family.  I was invited to attend my friend (and downline) Melissa’s son’s Christening.  It was a lovely morning and thank you to Melissa and Alan for inviting me.  This is a photo of the card I made for baby Brock….


And a beautiful photo of Mother and Son….


Congratulations Melissa and Alan on your beautiful family.

Until next time…..Happy Days


What a busy week-end!

Well here we are back from our extra long week-end out west.  Just a little update on what we did……Friday we headed out to St George.  We had a few hours spare when we got there so we bought an icecream and went down to the river.  If you haven’t been to St George before, the town is situated on the bank of the Balonne River.  It is so nice anywhere along the river.

m_pops 012

Looking up the river...town is on the right hand side

Looking up the river...town is on the right hand

Looking down the river.....bridge in background

Looking down the river.....bridge in background

The Bridge....we have to cross this to get to my Dad's

The Bridge....we have to cross this to get to my Dad's

m_pops 026
We stayed the night with my Dad’s cousin and we had a lovely time….she has lots of pets….goats, geese, guinea fowls, chooks, kangaroos, cows, pig, dogs and a cat!!  The kids just love it….here is Sam feeding the pet goat(kid)m_pops 029
Saturday we spent the day at a little community between St George and Bollon called Boolba.  It was their Annual QCWA Wool Show.  I had a stall there with my cards and candles….sorry I forgot to take a photo of it.We all had a wonderful time and I caught up with lots of people I knew. The kids had a great time and didn’t want to leave. When I went to see what they were doing…..they were with a group of kids playing Red Rover on the Tennis Courts…. I couldn’t believe it as I use to play that game also when I was little on the same Tennis Courts!!!!It was really nice for the kids to get to know other country kids and get a taste of country playing! One of the highlights of the day was the Dog Jumping. The kids just loved this and the winner was George who was owned by Dad’s cousin that we stayed with on Friday night…the kids thought that was exciting. Here are a few photos of the day.
All waiting their turn!

All waiting their turn!

George the winner....he jumped 7 feet high!!!!!

George the winner....he jumped 7 feet high!!!!!

Kids playing Red Rover on the Tennis Courts

Kids playing Red Rover on the Tennis Courts

Sunday we spent at my Dads doing a few jobs around the house.  We then went down to an old bridge and the kids jumped off it!!!!  It was funny to see it looking so small.  It use to be the main bridge we had to cross to go to school if the river was running.  As a child it seemed so big but when we went there on Sunday my brother and I both laughed at how small it looks now!!  This river only runs when it rains heaps!!!  m_pops 092m_pops 101
The kids are always in the dirt….they collect anything they can find, dig holes, make a mess but they have lots of fun in the process.
m_pops 108
Because of the Teachers Strike on Tuesday we stayed out an extra day and came home on Tuesday.  We had a long drive home in the rain….it only stopped raining for 10 minutes of our 6 hour drive home!!!!  This photo is taken on the Moonie Highway…the most longest, boringest (don’t think that’s a word but anyway it sounds alright!!!) road!!!!
m_pops 123
Until next time…..Happy days

Mother’s Day

I do hope every MUM out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day.  Just wanted to share a few photos of my day.  In the morning I was on my own so I spent a little while visiting an Open Garden….it was a lovely garden.

  m_mothersday 015

The kids then came home and gave me my gifts they had made at school/kindy.  Jack completed a wonderful Cross Stitch Book Mark for me.  It is just beautiful and I was so proud of him making it all by himself (one of the girls in his class grandma came in and taught them all to cross stitch-how lovely of her to do that).  Hannah made me a beautiful photo frame.  The picture of her is taken on Crazy Hair Day…no don’t worry, I don’t send her to school looking like that every day!!!!  Last of all Sam gave me a hanging picture….months ago the kids chose some flowers and they pressed them in a phone book.  Well here we are months later getting the beautiful pressed petals (bouganvillea flower) made into a lovely wall hanging…it has been laminated so sorry about the quality of the photo.  Thank you kids for the lovely gifts.


We then went to the Queensland State Rose Garden (we are lucky to have this garden here in Toowoomba) and had a picnic.  It was just beautiful weather…..they were running a sausage sizzle so we had one of those and listened to the beautiful music that someone was playing.  We then had Carrot Cake from the Cheesecake Shop for dessert, YUMMY!!! 

m_mothersday 025m_mothersday 038m_mothersday 042m_mothersday 077m_mothersday 084m_mothersday 098

Then for dinner the children and I went to my cousin and his daughters house.  He cooked us Roast Beef and Vegies and we topped it off with a Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Shop!!!!  So as you can see I had a wonderful Mothers Day even though I missed spending it with my dear Mum….I’m sure she would have been watching over us on the day.

Thanks for dropping by….until next time…..Happy Days


What a Week!!!

Where has the week gone….please tell me.  I have had a busy busy week and I’m sorry I haven’t updated at all.  So expect this post to be long!!!Last Sunday the kids and I went to Brisbane.  Hannah & I went to the Stitches and Craft Show for a few hours.  We had lots of fun wandering around the stalls and making free things!!!  Don’t get much for free anymore so we had a good time apart from Hannah’s legs that got very sore, I had warned her!!!!!  We stayed with my aunt and uncle who live just down the street from the Kangaroo Point Cliffs.  It was beautiful to walk along the river on Monday morning and here we are enjoying the view.

m_may 009

Sam has been very excited for the past month about going to see the Wiggles in Concert.  Even before Easter I was telling someone we were going to visit my Dad after Easter and Sam piped up and said..”I can’t go to Pop’s ’cause I’m going to the Wiggles after Easter” Our countdown had finally got to “Wiggles are today, Yeh” ……so it was very exciting on Tuesday to go and see them.  The concert was excellent….I think the adults all had as much fun as the kids did.  Laugh, I haven’t laughed so much for ages….they must have the best time performing.  Here are a few photos for you.

Henry is my favourite...he is so cute!!!

Henry is my favourite...he is so cute!!!

m_may 106m_may 110

Now some stamping photos!!!

A few weeks ago I did a Workshop for a customer/friend (hi Annette) and when I delivered her order these were the little tags I made for each of the guests purchases.  I am really loving the Eyelet Border Punch….it is just beautiful.

m_may 121

Tonight I have been busy decorating Candles for a stall.  Here are just a few I have done but I’m glad they are all done now (all 14!!!).  All I have to do is now make a gift tag and decorate a bag to match.  As well as making lots of cards for the stall which is on Saturday……. not enough hours in a day!!

m_may 129


I am wishing every Mum out there a very Happy Mothers Day.  To tell you the truth I haven’t really wanted to think about Mothers Day this year as it is my first one without my dear Mum.  It will be a very sad day but I will enjoy spending the afternoon with my own kids.  We are off to the State Rose Garden in Toowoomba to have a picnic…..and I have bought a Carrot Cake from the Cheesecake Shop for desert as that was my Mum’s favourite.  These flowers are for you Mum……my special Angel watching over me.  Love and Miss you heaps.m_may 135

Thanks for dropping by….hope you all have had a good week and I’ll be back soon with some more creations.  (Have some new sets I haven’t even inked yet so maybe tomorrow morning before our special lunch)


Congratulations Jack!!!


Today Jack had his School Cross Country and he came 2nd.  Well done to Jack….a great effort.  Jack’s goal this year was to get in the top 6 so he could go onto Zone which is when he would compete against all Toowoomba schools.  Last year he came 3rd but Zone doesn’t start until this year so coming 2nd has definately got him to the next level.  Lots of training ahead (early to school each day…..not sure how that is going to happen?????) so he is well prepared for the 20th May.

Stamping wise….I was hoping to do some stamping over this long week-end as I was expecting an order to arrive today with some new stamps but it didn’t.  I have given Echoes of Kindness a killing so I am well and truely ready for a new stamp set.  I’ll now have to wait until next week….no playing over the week-end, oh.  I’m sure I’ll find something to do……I am attending the Stitches and Craft Show on Sunday in Brisbane!!!! Can’t wait.

Until next time….Happy Days