First Lap Quilt Finished…..Finally!!!!

I have finally finished my first lap quilt which I started back in September 2007!!! I had started it just before I joined StampinÚp! so I have had lots of other things on my mind!!! Just love the material. It has been sitting here for a few months now just waiting for the binding to be finished off….so I thought I would take it to Soccer Training yesterday. So while Jack was running around outside in the cold, I sat in the warm car and finished it off! I am so proud of myself. Now I can start something else….I’m actually off to the Stitches and Craft Show in Brisbane this week-end so I might just find a new project there….not that I need another one. I have plenty waiting at home to be started. Hopefully you can see it ok, I took it outside and the sun was to bright but got a couple of photos in the shade and then the last photo is of it on my couch. I can guarantee that it will not stay there…..maybe it’ll end up in my bedroom.
Happy Days





If you haven’t already noticed, I am really enjoying watercolouring!!  Here is another card using Echoes of Kindness Stamp Set.

Hope you all have a great day.  Tanya

A Gift to Jack from Mummy

Well another day and another post!!!!  After making myself do some housework yesterday morning my reward to myself was…….time at my desk creating.  So I spent the rest of the day there creating this beautiful item for Jack.  I must admit I bought the base at last years Stitches and Craft Show (May 08) as I had the idea of decorating it for him and giving it to him on his 10th Birthday which he had back in February!!  Well, better late than never.  My goal now is to make one OTP item a week until I have used up all my things!!!  Each day I look and think about all the things I want to make for the kids or myself but never get the push to start them…..thinking about it all just puts me off it.  So this morning after I had done SOME housework I thought….just start it now and I did!!  I really love how it turned out.  Jack got a lovely surprise when he got home this afternoon and he also loves it.


Until tomorrow…..Have a Happy Day


Workshop Items

Yesterday I had a lovely time doing a Workshop for Annette & her family & friends (hello Annette & girls)  Just wanted to show you the items we made.  First they made a card using the Polished Stone Technique (might have helped if I took the Isocol with me but luckily Annette had some for us to use!!!!!  A big Thanks Annette)and next they made a Bag in a Box.  I should have taken my camera to take a photo of them all together as they all turned out very nice.  The last photo is of a little purse (which I filled with goodies and used for the Hostess Gift)that is in our 2009/10 Catalogue on page 65.  If you want to make one….go here  ( )  Thank you to Mary Fish for this wonderful template.


Until next time….Happy Stamping


Anzac Day


A Bit of a Change!!!

Hi all,

I have decided to make a big change to my blog….this blog will not only be about my stamping and scrapbooking but for all my craft addictions, my garden and most importantly my family.  Over time I will change the look of the blog so stay tuned!! 

Here are today’s photos for you to check out.  I think this blog may have gremlins so I’ll tell you about the second photo here as it won’t bring up my description under the photo????  The second photo is of a “Frilly Dilly Bag” I made using pattern by Janelle Wind.  I love it!!!!

Happy Days…..Tanya

Geranium flower...isn't it beautiful

Geranium flower...isn't it beautiful

Frilly Dilly bag I made using pattern by Janelle Wind

Take 3!!!

Not sure what is happening but hopefully this post will publish….I’m sick of retyping it all!!  We are back from our holiday at my Dad’s.  We all had a great time….so much so that Jack and Sam didn’t want to come home.  Sam even said good-bye to me and gave me a kiss!!!!  Here are a few photos of our time out west.

Pop's Horse called "Fancy Me"

Pop's Horse called "Fancy Me"

Playing in the River

Playing in the River

Jack & my brother Anthony playing in a Cricket Fun Day...their team won the final!

Jack & my brother Anthony playing in a Cricket Fun Day...their team won the final!


Team Get-together….today I had a team get-together (finally!!!) and we learnt the Polished Stone Technique.  Sorry I can’t show you the card just yet as I am going to use the same card for my workshop on Saturday!!!  The next photo is of the little notebooks I made for my girls who came along.


This next photo is of a simple little bookmark you can make for a nice gift….just the thing for Grandma on Mother’s Day.


Until next time…..Happy Stamping