Easter and Beyond!


Hi all!  Well Easter has been and gone for another year!  I had a quiet Easter at home alone but then the kids and I headed West to visit my Dad.  It is very green out there, so great to see.  An added bonus out there was the number of butterflies in the garden, just amazing!  A couple of photos of our week out there…

First week back at school and my big boy ends up like this 😦  He was being a typical boy and climbing on adult soccer goals….slipped and broke both his wrist and elbow!  20 hours later we arrive home after overnight in hospital.  He is on the road to recovery now (the pain in the first few days was a nightmare) but still feeling very angry with himself!

Yesterday saw my youngest Sam have his first game of soccer!  They all were so cute running around chasing the ball….they didn’t have a clue what they were doing, running, falling over, kicking goals for the other team but all very cute and fun!

And to finish off today, yesterday would have been my Mum’s birthday….as I don’t live near the town where she is buried, I visit our local State Rose Garden….mum loved roses.  Just a lovely place for me to visit to remember my mum.  A couple of photos I took while there yesterday…

Until next time…..Happy Days



Easter Cards in Sam’s Class

Well can you believe it….I can’t…it is already April and Easter is here!  Yesterday I went into Sam’s class to make cards with the kids.  After it took me about 3 hours trying to decide what to make this is the end product. 

Sam's Card


Lots of colourful chickens!

As I was up till near midnight deciding on this design,I wasn’t alone, I did have company! (excuse my horrid mess!!!)

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter….I am having a quiet long week-end, children will be with their Dad and I have lots of reading and craft to catch up on once my neck mends a bit…..had my 10th (and last,yah) mole off today!

Happy Easter……Tanya

Where is the month going??????

Sorry I haven’t been back for ages…time just seems to get away on me.  Here are a few photos of some cards I made for the markets last month.  We didn’t end up going on Sunday due to two things…..very cloudy and rainy looking and I was just too tired!  It was the perfect weather for a sleep in and that is just what I did.

I CASED this card but I can't remember the original designer....sorry

Will be back real soon with some more creations….Until then…..

Happy Days


Floods back home!

Hi All

I currently live in Toowoomba but I grew up 5 hours away on a property near St George.  My Dad still lives there and my brother has moved to Dad’s other property which has been in our family since 1870, and it is situated on the Mitchell/St George Road about 1/2 hour from Dad.  With all this rain it has brought record floods out there.  The property where my brother lives in on the Maranoa River which runs into the Balonne River at St George.  The river water got up to the corner post of my brothers house, it was a very frightening two days leading up until the water arrived there.  It was recording records up the river and he didn’t know exactly how high it was going to go.  The water got up to the top railing of the cattle yards and went through one shed and partly another.  Before the water came down they did manage to get two cars out near their mailbox so if they wanted to go anywhere they could….so he is now currently at the Gold Coast having a holiday.  He did send me a text after they had booked into their room saying “We had better water views at home”!!!!  Unfortunately the photos they sent to me are saved into a word document and I can’t seem to get them to save so I can put them up here.  Instead I will upload an aerial photo of the flood waters in St George….the amount of water is just amazing….hard to believe when just 3 months ago they were in one of the worst droughts ever.


  You can see the bridge across the water, this is what we cross to go to my Dad’s place.  So much water….just amazing.

Until next time…..Happy Days


Girls Stitch In!

Well last week-end I attended my first sewing retreat and I had a fab time.  I got to meet some new friends and we are all looking forward to catching up again in September and we have even organised a swap…how exciting!  The Girls Stitch In was held at Quilters Angel in Highfields…..and dispite the wet weather and mud we all had a great time.  I also got to meet two lovely designers…..Natalie Lymer from Cinderberry Stitches (Melbourne)  and Leslie McConnell from Faeries in My Garden (Shorncliffe).  It was very exciting to chat to these ladies and to put a face to designs….I look forward to finishing the projects sometime sooner than later!!!(I can dream!)   Here are a few photos from a great day….

My gift box we got with our patterns and materials. The table decorations were great also...bird cage with a candle inside!

Natalie Lymer's wonderful creations on display

Natalie Lymer & me!

Leslie McConnell and I with my lap quilt I made using Leslie's pattern

My new sewing friends....Wendy(Tmba), Wendy(Emerald),Dallas(Emerald),Lizzie(Blackbutt) & Julie(Yarraman) Charmaine(Tmba) had left when I remembered to take this photo

So overall I had a wonderful day out with 80 other women and I so look forward to our next one in September….I had better get stitching!!

Happy Days……Tanya

PS…check out Natalie Lymer’s blog (link on right) for her update on the week-end

Happy 11th Birthday Jack!

Hi All, 9 days after Hannah’s Birthday it was Jack’s 11thBirthday.  Unfortunately his birthday fell on a Tuesday which is our busiest day of the week with after school activities.  But we did mange to go out for dinner at Fibbers McGees Irish Pub and it was beautiful.  Jack is still waiting to celebrate his birthday with his friends at Movieworld….we had planned it for the next week-end after his birthday but it was raining…funny that!!!   Here are a couple of photos…

Jack & his "RipStick" Birthday cake I made him!

Card I made for Jack

 That’s all for today, will be back tomorrow with an exciting update about last Saturday!

Happy Days…..


Happy 8th Birthday Hannah

On Valentines Day, Hannah celebrated her 8th Birthday.  The day before her birthday we spent the day at Sea World.  Hannah’s best friend from school came with us and also my cousin and his daughter.  We had a wonderful day.  Here are a few photos of the day at Sea World.

This was a 3 day old dolphin with its Mum...so cute.

Hannah and her Ladybird Cake I made for her.

Lastly the birthday card I made for her…

So overall Hannah had a great birthday spreading over the two days of the week-end.

Until next time….Happy Days